The well was drilled to a total depth of 5,265ft having encountered hydrocarbons in both the Tay and Cromarty Sandstone intervals.

Pressure data suggests that Catcher North is part of the Catcher and Catcher East accumulation, EnCore said.

The well encountered 20ft of net gas bearing pay within the Eocene Tay interval and 14ft of net oil bearing pay within the Paleocene Cromarty section.

It has extended the gross total hydrocarbon column in the Catcher area to 410ft (comprising a gas column of 75ft and an oil column of 335ft).

The Tay and Cromarty reservoir sections were cored and high porosity sandstones were recovered from both reservoirs.

According to the company, the estimated gas-oil contact (GOC) at 4,350ft true vertical depth is consistent with the data from the Catcher and Catcher East wells.

The estimated oil-water contact (OWC) within the Cromarty section is also consistent with that observed in the Catcher discovery well and the Catcher South West side-track.

EnCore is a UK based oil and gas exploration and production company.