Under the project, ENBALA said it would boost the grid’s intelligence by utilizing large electricity users and their process storage.

The platform will use the electricity users’ process storage to enable continuous electricity balance across the province and balance the grid’s real-time supply.

Ontario Minister Glen Murray said through the Smart Grid Fund, Ontario continues to invest in the province, its local businesses and helps to create new jobs.

"Companies like ENBALA Power Networks are creating local jobs and engaging electricity users to advance the electric power system and increase its reliability and efficiency," Glen added.

ENBALA Power Networks president and CEO Ron Dizy said the company is leveraging storage that already exists, in the way that electricity users consume power.

"One of the promises of the Smart Grid is to connect the needs of the power system with the flexibility available from electricity users," he added.

The smart grid project would link 90 different commercial, industrial and institutional electricity users through a smart grid platform.