Israeli wastewater treatment solutions provider Emefcy Group and US-based RWL Water have formed a strategic alliance to accelerate their respective penetration in the fast growing Chinese water treatment market.

RWL is a water, wastewater and waste-to-energy company headquartered in New York.

Emefcy will leverage on the engineering expertise of RWL in design and production of various types of packaged plant solutions for the Chinese market.

According to the Israeli company, the capability of RWL will help in providing its strategic distribution partners a range of solutions such as packaged or kitted plants, easy-to-ship and install modular solutions, or completely containerized plants that are plug-and-play.

Emefcy executive chairman Richard Irving said: “The agreement will greatly simplify the deployment of Emefcy’s energy efficient, modular technology. With RWL Water’s assistance, we will be able to fast track the development of a complete, standardized, packaged treatment plant solution.

“By delivering a spectrum of packaged plant solutions, we can best meet the needs of our integrator partners and reduce the costs of installation.”

RWL will be paid by Emefcy for its engineering services in accelerating the design of the range of packaged plant solutions for China, along with engineering and production services to complement the latter’s MABR technology.

RWL Water president and CEO Henry Charrabé said: “Our desalination water treatment systems are complementary to Emefcy’s MABR product and can readily be deployed in rural settings to treat salty or brackish water.

“Furthermore, we can leverage the marketing arrangements, production facilities and other infrastructure already established by Emefcy in China.”

The partners have agreed to receive commissions on the sale of each other’s products.

Emefcy stated that the scalable solutions from RWL will give flexibility to handle changing requirements for waste water treatment in remote Chinese villages. This in turn, is expected to grow the Israeli company’s ability to gain surplus market share of the vast market opportunity in the country.

Through the alliance, RWL is expected to increase its presence in China by tapping into its partner’s detailed market knowledge and its network of distribution partners. Thereby, the RWL Water gets to push its complementary water treatment product range that features Nirobox, a containerized, scalable desalination product.