EMEC has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Ocean Energy Association of Japan (OEAJ), with the potential for EMEC to provide advice and support on the design, set up and operation of the Japanese Marine Energy Centre (JMEC).

The partnership will play an integral role in Japan’s focus on developing viable alternative major energy generation schemes to traditional fossil and nuclear power methods in the wake of the Fukushima disaster, which had a major impact on the country’s industrial landscape.

EMEC’s involvement in the development further strengthens the close working relationship already established between Scotland and Japan, which has in the last year seen Kawasaki Heavy Industries confirm that it will test a newly developed tidal energy system at EMEC.

“This new partnership between Scotland and one of the world’s great industrial powerhouses is very welcome, given our shared heritage for innovation and engineering,” said Scottish Government Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Sustainable Growth, John Swinney. “Just as a Scot, Richard Henry Brunton, helped Japan build a network of lighthouses to protect sailors from the perils of the sea in the late 19th century, our two nations are now working together to harness those very same forces of nature to generate clean energy.”

Richard Morris, commercial director at EMEC, added: “EMEC is honoured to be working in partnership with the Ocean Energy Association of Japan, and looks forward to developing a long and prosperous relationship which will drive forward marine innovation in the region.

“The need to address future sustainable energy generation requirements has been accelerated in Japan, for which there is wide-ranging support from within Government and across the country’s industry leaders.

“EMEC is uniquely placed in terms of providing consultancy support to countries wishing to set up marine energy test sites and this is an excellent opportunity for Scotland to assist and work alongside our colleagues in Japan, identifying synergies to boost this new and exciting industry for the benefit of the country and its economy.”