Eltron’s metallic membrane system extracts pure hydrogen from a mixed gas stream. The high purity hydrogen can be used for clean power generation, chemicals synthesis, and other applications. The membrane system retains carbon dioxide at high pressure.

Eltron’s membrane technology offers the potential to considerably reduce the capital and operating costs of producing industrial hydrogen in conjunction with CO2 capture and storage.

The technology has been under development in Eltron’s lab for eight years, supported by funding from the US DOE Office of Fossil Energy and their National Energy Technology Laboratory. Eltron’s membrane system comprises proprietary membrane materials, equipment and associated processes.

The joint development and scale-up effort is underway and slated to be completed in a pilot demonstration in 2012 at Eastman’s coal gasification facility in Kingsport, Tennessee.

Greg Nelson, senior vice president and chief technology officer at Eastman, said: “Eltron’s technology offers the potential to increase sustainability of hydrogen generation and greenhouse gas capture while reducing costs, and that’s good for the industry and the environment.”