Elster Group (Elster) and Sensorlink Corporation (Sensorlink) have completed the field trials for Elster’s low voltage AGInode, incorporating SensorLink’s advanced sensing technology. The advanced sensing technology is a metering and monitoring device for low voltage overhead and underground transformers. The pilot installations were performed with utilities in Canada, US and Latin America. The AGInode is the product resulting from Elster’s Advanced Grid Infrastructure (AGI) Initiative.

“Our utility customer field trials provided us with real-world feedback and have allowed us to refine the AGInode technology. The AGInode will be an effective tool for applications such as loss detection, voltage profiling, and transformer monitoring, and provides increased business benefits for utilities deploying Elster’s smart grid solutions,” said Carl LaPlace, Elster senior product manager.

“Our low voltage sensor technology allows the utility to easily install additional measurement nodes at key distribution points along the utility’s power system,” said Gary Hielkema, SensorLink president. “This project provides new opportunities for utilities to economically gather information from tactical grid locations to drive new applications for smarter grid management.”