The Renault-Nissan Alliance will assist in installing electric vehicles charging stations at 50 of E.Leclerc centre’s parking lots by 2011, 150 by the end of 2012 and nearly 500 by 2015 to facilitate sustainable mobility for all E.Leclerc customers.

The collaboration will also include setting up of working groups to study the implementation of new services related to these EVs in the E.Leclerc Centers, including choosing the right type of charging installation to match the needs of EV owners (standard charge: 3kW, quick charge: 45kW, or both).

Additionally, the study will include identification of the number of charging spots to be installed at each center to meet customer needs, leading to the deployment of the quick charging infrastructure for EVs.

Renault chief operating officer, Patrick Pelata said that Renault-Nissan is delighted to partner with the E.Leclerc Centers which will allow the company to grow the network of EV charging spots in France, with their 500 stores across the country.