Eldan Recycling A/S (Eldan) is introducing complete recycling system for end-of-life refrigerators. This system separates and recycles magnetic and non-magnetic metals, as well as collects plastic and foam, oil and CFC gasses. The system fulfills the terms of European and national standards. Recently, the company has installed an 80 units-per-hour plant in Spain.

“Apart from separation and recycling of magnetic and non-magnetic metals, plastic and foam, oil and CFC gasses [also] must be collected,” says an Eldan news release. “This is done in separate oil extraction and degasification systems enabling the companies to show that they collect the dangerous greenhouse gasses that damage the ozonosphere.”

The company has reported, “Similar plants are in operation worldwide and they observe the [legal standards] for treatment of cooling appliances.

Eldan reported, “turnkey supplier of complete plants from the first approach over the projecting stage to the customized solution. The company has said its Eldan technical staff “is responsible for design and development just as Eldan Recycling’s project managers and supervisors are in charge of the project work, installation, assembly, training and commissioning of the plant.”