The European Energy Exchange is progressing as planned with its preparations for the launch of gas trading on its exchange. Gas trading is scheduled to start from the beginning of October this year and will cover the BEB and E.ON Gastransport market areas.

<p>E.ON Gastransport and BEB have been selected because they met the exchange&#0039;s criteria for suitable gas markets to work with, and because they comprise about 60% of the transport volume of the German h-gas market. <br /><br />Meanwhile, when launching its new gas trading services, the European Energy Exchange (EEX) will launch the spot and derivatives market in parallel. On the spot market, trading will be launched with day and weekend contracts, whereas physical futures with terms of up to six years (month, quarter and year futures) will be traded on the derivatives market. Seven companies have already stated their willingness to become market makers. <br /><br />Our aim is to establish gas as a second foothold on the exchange in addition to power, stated EEX CEO Hans-Bernd Menzel.</p>