Fujian Longking, which provides emission control systems and distributes its projects within China, has licensed this EERC-developed hybrid particulate collector technology that focuses on the removal of particulate emissions from the air, to expand into overseas markets.

The technology integrates an electrostatic precipitator and a filter bag into the same housing to remove fine particles from exhaust gases of coal-fired power plants, incinerators, and mineral-processing facilities.

The combination of the two typical emission control technologies is expected to create a compact, cost-effective, and efficient particulate matter collection system that can also be used in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

EERC Director Gerald Groenewold said this is a superior technology, and this partnership will not only help market this technology on a worldwide stage, but it will also help Fujian Longking become a green technology developer in the US, creating numerous green jobs in the country.

“This partnership with Fujian Longking is a tremendous example of the value extraction our Foundation provides for the technologies developed by the EERC—it is the EERC’s culture and business model in practice,” Groenewold said.