The Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC) fuel samples created from multiple renewable feedstocks were tested at a US government facility to evaluate key specification parameters for JP-8, a petroleum-based fuel widely used by the US military.

JP-8 specifications include parameters such as freeze point, density, flash point, energy content; all of which were reportedly met by the EERC fuel samples.

The EERC fuel was produced under a $4.7 million contract with the US Department of Defense’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. Production is under way to produce a large fuel sample for engine testing in autumn 2008.

Gerald Groenewold, director of the EERC, said: This builds on a solid foundation of expertise at the EERC in the area of alternative fuel production. The EERC is now positioned to provide drop-in-compatible JP-8 fuel from both fossil and renewable feedstocks, providing critical strategic opportunities for the US military as well as commercial aviation.