US based Eemax has introduced its ProAdvantage Series, a new line of digital thermostatic temperature controlled heaters for use in commercial and industrial applications.

Eemax ProAdvantage heaters come with power ranges from 3.5kW to 32kW and voltages of 120, 208, 240, 277, 208 three-phase and 480 three-phase.

The energy and water efficient heaters are externally adjustable from 100 degrees F to 140 degrees F and feature LED displays for outlet temperature settings.

The electric tankless water heaters are easy to install and require one cold or hot water line.

The company said ProAdvantage can be installed directly at the point of use, without any recirculation pumps.

Eemax president and CEO Kevin Ruppelt said the ProAdvantage Series heaters are easy to install and simple to use.

"With a flow device that activates only on demand, there is no standby heat loss, making the ProAdvantage Series heaters 99% energy efficient, which is ideal for green building renovations," Ruppelt said.