Sierra Wireless Sierra Wireless AirPrime SL6087 embedded wireless module has been selected by EDMI to provide cellular connectivity for EDMI's new plug-and-play modular pod-based system.

This plug-and-play modular pod-based system is integrated into the Mk7B smart single-phase electronic revenue meter.

Mk7B is designed to serve smart residential meter market and encompasses an integrated modular pod-based system that allows EDMI to provide a cost-effective wireless point-to-point connection, simplifying maintenance in the field and providing remote management, upgrades, and configuration over the air.

EDMI combined the AirPrime SL6087 module with ruggedized Embedded SIM to develop a compact design with complete integration of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) functionality.

This combined solution also offers an optional Zigbee RF interface to connect a remote display panel.