The wind energy development will help in collection of tax.

Harper County Assessor Scotty Cosby, said that the wind project will provide about $100,000 in taxes for local schools.

The taxes will go on the books this year Cosby, said.

During the first five years, the taxes will be paid by the Oklahoma state, as the wind farm project is exempt from having to pay them for that period of time.

Part of the tax dollars will also go toward helping the county, Cosby said.

WFEC Chief Executive Officer Gary Roulet said that the co-operative was excited about adding more wind power to its diverse fuel mix.

WFEC became involved with the Buffalo Bear project as they saw a need to further utilize a native, natural, abundant and renewable Oklahoma resource, Roulet, said.

WFEC provides electricity to more than two-thirds of rural Oklahoma and also in parts of Kansas, Arkansas and Texas.