The turbines are intended for five Quebec wind projects being developed by Saint-Laurent Energies, a Montreal based wind energy company jointly owned by the consortium of EDF EN Canada, Hydromega Services and RES Canada.

This framework agreement guarantees a minimum capacity of 748MW for the five wind projects located in different regions of Quebec. The five power purchase agreements, representing a future investment of over CAD2 billion, were signed in June 2008 with Hydro-Quebec.

The projects, consisting of up to 477 turbines, are due to be commissioned between year-end 2011 and year-end 2015 and are expected to contribute to the progress of the Quebec economy.

Fabienne Demol, representative of EDF EN Canada & president of Saint-Laurent Energies, said: “EDF EN and REpower have a long-term partnership with a proven track record in Europe and the US working together to ensure profitable projects are built on schedule.

“The framework agreement marks a key milestone in the development process, following both the award from Hydro-Quebec and the signing of the PPAs, paving the way for implementation. It further allows for turbine procurement in accordance with the local content requirements imposed by Hydro-Quebec.”