The federal state of Baden-Württemberg has announced that it intends to acquire the 45.01% shareholding in EnBW (Energie Baden-Württemberg AG) held by Electricité de France.
Baden-Württemberg has already held a shareholding in EnBW (until February 2001). It made a material contribution to the company’s development and promoted Baden-Württemberg as an energy location. EDF has been a shareholder in EnBW since February 2001. It increased its shareholding to 45.01% in several stages over the four years to January 2005.
“We welcome the state of Baden-Württemberg as a new major shareholder. The federal state’s planned share purchase and the associated announcement that it intends to return the shareholding to the capital market following the acquisition not only shows how attractive EnBW is but also opens up further opportunities for the company’s growth. The continuing stable shareholder composition and a successively increasing free float will provide a further boost to EnBW’s good existing capital market standing,” sais Hans-Peter Villis, EnBW’s CEO.