EDF Energy has announced that it plans to scale back preparatory work for the Hinkley Point C nuclear project in Somerset, UK, in an effort to control costs.

The utility, which is currently in negotiations with the UK government to agree a strike price for electricity from the plant, said in a 23 April statement that it has "taken steps to refocus activities" at Hinkley C.

EDF confirmed that there would be a reduction in the number of people working on the project "for the time being," but it said that "much activity, including further detailed pre-construction engineering work" would continue.

The decision "reflects its priorities ahead of securing the financing necessary for the project," EDF said. However, it noted that the case for new nuclear in the UK remains "as strong as ever" and said that its negotiations with the UK government over strike price "are making progress."


Photo: Hinkley Point C (Credit: EDF Energy)