The group said the latest investment plan is part of its "resolute commitment to rising to the challenges that lie ahead in 2013".

EDF had invested about €3.9bn in 2012, including 36% in Nuclear New Build and 28% in EDF Energies Nouvelles. In 2011, the company had invested €3.3bn.

Commenting on the 2012 results, EDF chairman and CEO Henri Proglio said it underscores a third consecutive year of progress during which the firm had delivered on its commitments.

"The Group will invest €12 billion across all its businesses as part of its resolute commitment to rising to the challenges that lie ahead in 2013," Proglio added.

"These investments will enable the Group to respond to industrial issues, while continuing to improve the company’s financial structure, which goes hand in hand in ensuring the long-term health of the EDF industrial model, a model that has once again proven its relevance."

In 2012, the group had generated 53.8% of its sales and 61.7% of its EBITDA from its French activities. Sales in France totaled €39.1bn, while EBITDA stood at €9,930m.

In the UK, sales had reached €9,739m in 2012, a gain of 13.7% compared with 2011 representing organic growth of 6.4%.

British energy supplier EDF Energy announced in December 2012 that it was extending the lifespan by seven years of the Hunterston B and Hinkley Point B power plants to 2023.

Sales in Italy touched €10,098m in 2012, whiles Edison sales grew in organic terms by €721m.

Other International segment sales came out to €7,976m. EBITDA stood at €1,067m, down 19.5% in organic terms.