The 18-23 well has been drilled to total depth of 7,710 feet and completion operations. A total of 64 feet of sand and gas-bearing coals were perforated and fracture stimulated and the well has begun to freely flow gas. High pressures in this well have allowed most of the frac fluids to be recovered, however cold weather in Colorado has delayed tie-in operations. Eden expects to have this well tied in to sales by early in 2008.

The 8-12 well has been drilled to a total depth of 8,475 feet and completion operations are continuing. The Mesaverde Formation in the 8-12 well was highly fractured, which has increased the operations time for this well. A total of 72 feet of coal and gas-bearing coals were perforated and fracture stimulated.

The 17-21 well is the first of Eden’s previously drilled wells to be recompleted in order to increase gas rates. A total of 20 feet of new perforations were added to the coal interval and 52 feet of sand was fracture stimulated in this well. The well has been put on pump and was producing at about 130 million cubic feet per day while continuing to unload frac fluids. The well is tied in to sales.

The 17-42 well was not producing prior to the commencement of workover operations. A total of 28 feet of new perforations in the coal interval were added and new fracs over 50 feet of sands were performed. The well began to flow and is continuing to produce gas and frac fluids. Eden expects to have the well tied in to sales in early January.

Donald Sharpe, president of Eden Energy, said: We are happy with the results of these new wells and particularly pleased with the recompletion operations on our existing wells. We’ve increased our understanding of the White River Dome field and the recompletion results are gratifying and encouraging.