Ecosphere Technologies, a water engineering and environmental services company, has received a fourth Ecosphere patent from the US Patent and Trademark Office to treat industrial wastewaters and potable waters.

Ecosphere said over the last fourteen months, the company has received four patents for its core Ozonix technology.

The patented Ecosphere Ozonix Technology is a high volume, advanced oxidation process designed to clean and recycle water without the use of chemicals.

Ecosphere COO Mickey Donn said the company’s patented Ozonix technology has recycled over 17 million barrels of fluid to date for over 300 wells in major US shale plays.

"Approximately 520,000 gallons of chemicals have been eliminated from hydraulic fracturing operations as a result of the Ozonix technology being used in place of chemical biocides and scale-inhibitors," Donn said.

Ecosphere is a water engineering and environmental services company that designs, develops and manufactures wastewater treatment solutions for industrial markets.