To be built off the Dorset and Hampshire coasts, the project is a joint venture between Eneco Wind UK and EDF Energy Renewables.

Under the study to identify the cost-effective design, the company has focused on three key subsystems including both inter-array cables and export cables with reference to the applied voltage level; as well as offshore high voltage stations (OHVS) with reference to choice of quantity and locations.

The study considered grid designs at voltage levels of 33kV and 66kV, for the inter-array cables, and of 150kV, 220kV and 275kV for the export cables; as well as demonstrated the impact of the choice of locations and the quantity of OHVS with respect to the infield grid and the export cable design.

By assessing the lifetime costs and non-cost criteria of various designs, the study has finalised an optimal design for the project.