The 44.2MW straw-powered biomass plant is expected to generate enough electricity to meet the needs of 82,000 homes and has the potential to become an electricity connectivity point for Snetterton Heath, where electricity connectivity is currently poor.

Breckland Council leader Cllr Michael Wassell said: "The power that this plant will generate, along with the improved infrastructure offered by the dualled A11 and Breckland’s ‘open for business’ policies, make the district an increasingly attractive place for businesses."

Upon completion by around mid-2017, the Burmeister & Wain Scandinavian Contractor (BWSC)-operated facility would bring improvements to the electricity grid infrastructure, which will assist Breckland Council in the development of the Snetterton Heath area.

Contracts have are been signed with local farmers for the supply of surplus straw to help power the biomass plant for the coming decade.

BWSC will own the power plant in partnership with a Danish infrastructure fund managed by Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners A/S, and will oversee the construction process.