Echelon and ELO’s collaboration is said to be the first extension of Echelon’s smart grid solutions to the Latin American region. Last month, Brazil’s energy regulator Aneel revealed tentative plans for a nationwide rollout of smart metering, expecting to replace approximately 63 million electricity meters in the country with smart meters by 2021.

Marcos Rizzo, vice president of business development at ELO,said: “We are excited to bring Echelon’s NES System to the Latin American market where we see a real need for the many advanced services and features of NES.

“Much more than a simple AMI system focused on billing related services, the NES System provides utilities with a wealth of information about the status, operation and health of the grid that enables them to reduce operating costs while increasing service quality.”

Echelon’s NES metering infrastructure consists of a family of integrated electronic electricity meters accessed via a web services-based network operating system over an IP networking infrastructure.

ELO provides equipment and solutions to obtain data for the billing and marketing of electric power, and to analyze the distribution grid to help reduce energy theft and to aid in power management and load control.