The company will deliver these FGD scrubber components that include a 16ft diameter, 24ft long spool and an 18ft diameter, 26ft long spool, this month. Both spools, which are made in one piece construction, are self-supported with attached fiberglass reinforced plastic saddles.

The FGD scrubber spools, which have been designed to mitigate the emission of sulfur dioxide from coal-fired power plants, have been manufactured by ECC by using fire retardant vinylester resin, boron free fiberglass materials and 100 mil carbon veil liners to create required conductivity for the units.

With the utilities in the US facing a 2015 regulatory deadline for reducing sulfur dioxide emission from coal-fired power plants in compliance with the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990, ECC expects the $10bn FGD market to grow through 2015.

Jamie Mancl, founder and president of ECC, said: “Innovative thinking won us this contract. Being able to produce structures this large in our climate controlled facilities allows us to ensure the highest level of quality while delivering cost effective solutions to our clients.

“This contract represents an important first step in our business relationship with a leading international provider of energy products and services, and we look forward to a long relationship to help create value for them.”