The financing will support Kosovo’s power sector, which intends to enhance the stability and reliability of the country’s power network by reducing inefficiencies in transmission.

The company will use the loan for the construction, rehabilitation, and placing into operation of selected substations, transformers, and electricity transmission lines in order to boost Kosovo’s power grid.

KOSTT, with the financing, will also help to address key requirements for joining the organization of European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity.

EBRD Western Balkans director Holger Muent said: "We are delighted to finance this important transmission development project that will represent the Bank’s first major investment in the Kosovo power sector.

"This project will bring not only national but also regional benefits in terms of improving energy security. It is a first step towards building a strong partnership between the EBRD and KOSTT."

OSTT CEO Naim Bejtullahu said: "This is our first credit facility with the EBRD and the first non-sovereign guaranteed loan to KOSTT.

"We hope that this excellent cooperation will serve as a demonstration of KOSTT’s capabilities to both domestic and international financiers."