Of the hybrid buses being placed into service, 15 will operate in the Taipei county bus fleet and 15 in the Taipei city fleet, both managed by the Capital Bus Group. Another 45 Eaton hybrid-powered buses will be delivered in April 2010. Master Transportation Bus Manufacturing is the bus builder.

Po Lee, chairman of Capital Bus Group, said: “Capital Bus is proud to lead the effort toward bringing clean public transportation to the people of Taipei. We have worked hand in hand with our bus builder Sincere International Mass Transportation Vehicle and with Eaton to introduce hybrid power technology to Taipei city and Taipei county. It is our intention to expand the use of hybrid power in our bus fleet to take the greatest possible advantage of this reliable, clean and efficient energy source.”

Eaton has now placed more than 1,000 hybrid power systems into service in city passenger buses throughout the Asia Pacific region, the company said.