E.ON UK, one of the country's leading generators, has confirmed its support for the government's carbon capture and storage project and its intention to take part in the competition.

Dr Paul Golby, CEO of E.ON UK, said: We believe that the choice of post combustion demonstration technology fitted to a supercritical coal plant is entirely rational given that the government has set, as a key policy aim, the objective of demonstrating technology that can be retrofitted in China and other countries to their new and future coal-fired plants.

We therefore support the government’s decision and are currently evaluating options for entering a post combustion project or projects into the competition.

The government is currently considering an application from E.ON to build two 800MW supercritical coal-fired units at its existing Kingsnorth power station in Kent. The company is investigating ‘oxyfuel’ firing as one method for clean coal generation at its technology center in Nottinghamshire.