The research grants are part of a five-year, GBP10 million joint program being run by E.ON and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) which is open to all UK universities seeking to bring forward new low-carbon energy solutions.

The Loughborough University and the University of Reading are leading two separate groups which will share GBP4.2 million for work focusing on reducing the substantial proportion of CO2 emissions from homes, which account for almost one-third of the CO2 emitted in the UK.

Dave Clarke, E.ON’s head of R&D, said: These are two very important projects in our collaborative program with universities that will help change the way we use energy in our day-to-day lives and help combat climate change. It further demonstrates E.ON’s commitment to leading in low-carbon energy technologies, which we are also pursuing through our own GBP12 million research program involving more than 200 ongoing projects.