Missouri Corn Growers Association (MCGA) said the oil industry does not offer a blend stock during summer months to state that would allow the blending of E15.

E15 blend’s availability is anticipated to increase after 15 September 2014, when the summer blend is phased out.

MCGA is currently working with retailers and fuel marketers interested in offering E15 to customers.

MCGA president Jim Stuever E15 was approved even though the oil industries tried to block its inclusion in Missouri’s fuel supply.

"We want retailers to hit the ground running as soon as they have the ability to sell E15," Stuever added.

"As with any new fuel blend, retailers need to be confident with the product they’re offering and we’re happy to help. E15 is growing in popularity in surrounding states and Missouri drivers deserve those same benefits."

The US Environmental Protection Agency approved the use of E15 in vehicles, manufactured in 2001, and newer as well as all flexible fuel vehicles in June 2012.

E15 is currently available in North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Nebraska, Michigan, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Ohio and Minnesota.

Ethanol is already available for Missouri drivers in blends ranging from 10% to 85% for flexible fuel vehicles.