Intertek has confirmed that Dynapower’s MPS-250 is the first storage-only energy inverter to meet the UL 1741 SA draft requirements for a smart inverter.

Compliance with this standard ensures that Dynapower’s MPS-250 smart inverter is California Rule 21 and Hawaii Rule 14H compliant through its development of advanced inverter features.

This was achieved by Dynapower through the use of Intertek’s SATELLITE Data Acceptance Program, which allows manufacturers to run more efficient compliance programs.

Dynapower energy storage group sales manager Chip Palombini said: “Dynapower has always been on the forefront of energy storage inverter technology and we are extremely pleased and proud to receive confirmation from Intertek that our MPS-250 inverter meets the UL 1741 SA draft requirements.

“Working through the Intertek SATELLITE program enabled Dynapower to have full control over the timeline of the compliance process.”

Intertek Renewable Energy vice president Sunny Rai said: “Intertek is proud to work with global leaders like Dynapower to advance the energy industry through smart inverter functionality.

“This technology enables PV integration and improved grid resiliency, both of which are crucial steps toward developing smart grids and smart cities.”

In addition to the smart inverter features required by the new standard, Dynapower also incorporated Dynamic Transfer as a standard feature into the Generation 2 MPS-250. Dynamic Transfer enables a “backup power” mode of operation for energy storage systems.