The recycling initiative prevents environmental degradation by assisting to reduce the volume of waste that goes into landfills.

Dulsco has noticed that Dubai continues to produce large amounts of waste each day even as the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) has been ranked as one of the top ten waste producers in the world, by enlightening a potential to develop recycling as an important environmental-protection initiative and a major economic contributor.

The campaign, which is poised to be expanded across the UAE in the near future, also serves to educate the public on the need for recycling and their responsibilities regarding the concept of segregation at the source.

Economic development, rising population and a lack of public awareness have largely contributed to the increasing levels of waste being produced by Dubai and the rest of the UAE. The Recycle to Regain campaign being initiated by the Dulsco Waste Management Services aims to be part of the solution to address this growing waste issue, which certainly has a very strong impact on public health, the environment and the long-term

sustainability of our society, said Prakash Parab, Director, Dulsco Waste Management Services.

Recycling is one of the most effective and straightforward waste management tools that we have at our disposal. This method allows us to significantly reduce the need for land fills and incineration, and it also offers major economic potential as various valuable products can be produced out of materials that would have otherwise have been wasted. Dulsco is genuinely pleased to launch the mobile recycling unit that will encourage the general public to be actively involved in waste recycling, added Parab.

The collection of waste will serve as part of the recycling process as the recyclables are intended to be processed into raw materials that are then manufactured into various new products.