The new boiler, which features operating pressures of up to 2 000kPa, has outputs ranging from 1,000kg per hour to 21,000kg per hour.

Dryden Combustion MD Gordon Slater told Engineering News that, "The new Dryden Mk7 coal-fired boiler is a welcome alternative to an industry that has had limited options to date."

The Dryden Mk7 consists of a fully wetback range of coal-fired boilers having a three-pass shell-boiler design and water-cooled combustion chamber.

Dryden Combustion director Sue Kiley noted that the Dryden Mk7 has a draught fan with curved and radially tipped blades for minimum fly-ash build-up.

"The fan and impeller are statically and dynamically balanced for smooth operation in service," Kiley.

"The boiler output is affected by the change in the calorific value of the fuel. The burning of fibrous fuels can also be accommodated."

Kiley added that the Dryden Mk7 is fitted with a chaingrate stoker and wide links to improve combustion performance.