On August 28, Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction was awarded a contract worth 2.3 trillion (about $2.2 billion) by Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co. to supply the main equipment for two APR-1400 reactors, Shin-Kori units 5 and 6.

Under the contract, Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction will supply reactors and nuclear steam supply systems, including steam generators and turbine generators, all of which have been designed and manufactured in-house.

Units 5 and 6 are 1400MW-capacity units that will be a part of the Shin-Kori Nuclear Power Complex in Ulsan City. They are scheduled for completion in March 2021 and March 2022.

Both reactors will be Korean-designed Advanced Pressurized Reactor-1400 (APR-1400), the same as what has already been supplied for Units 3 and 4 of the Shin-Kori Nuclear Power Complex. The APR 1400’s 1,400MW capacity is higher than the previous model’s 1,000MW capacity and boasts an even higher safety rating.

The reactors and steam generators supplied by Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction are the core equipment of nuclear power plants, needing to endure high temperatures and pressure. Manufacturing such equipment requires advanced engineering and manufacturing technologies, and takes more than four years. The turbine generator is also a key component that requires an advanced level of material manufacturing and processing technology.

Picture: Construction of APR-1400-based Shin-Kori 3&4