Dong Energy has decided to construct and operate two offshore wind farms in the UK, Walney Island and Gunfleet Sands II.

<p>Walney Island will have a capacity of 151MW distributed on 42 wind turbines and is scheduled to go into production in 2010. Gunfleet Sands II will have a capacity of 64MW distributed on 18 wind turbines and is also scheduled to go into production in 2010. The expected investment is DKK3.8 billion in Walney Island and DKK1.4 billion in Gunfleet Sands II. <br /><br />Anders Eldrup, CEO of Dong Energy, said: The decision to build the two new offshore wind farms is a key component in Dong Energy&#0039;s strategy to increase the proportion of electricity generated from renewable energy sources.<br /><br />Apart from our existing offshore wind farms, we are already developing two other offshore wind farms, Gunfleet Sands I and Horns Rev II that are scheduled for completion in 2009. With the completion of four new offshore wind farms in 2010, we will have increased our production capacity within wind and water energy by over 60% compared to today.</p>