DONG Energy along with its partners Novo Nordisk, Novozymes, Kalundborg Varmeforsyning and the Municipality of Kalundborg are looking into the possibilities of a sustainable concept with new technologies to convert waste and biomass into clean and green energy in Denmark.

The Kalundborg Integrated Energy Concept (KINEC) project will use one or more biogas plants and two new technologies developed by Dong will be used to extract all the energy from the biomass before it is used as a fertilise in farms.

DONG Energy executive vice president Thomas Dalsgaar said, "The project illustrates how a long-term, local cooperation can lead to an innovative concept which will be the first of its kind at a global level."

Municipality of Kalundborg Mayor Martin Damm said, "The fact that demonstration technologies in combination with biogas will form the basis makes this an initiative that once again emphasises Kalundborg’s position as a development base for new green technologies and makes a significant contribution to the agreements that the municipality must comply with in connection with CO2 reductions."

Novo Nordisk, a partner of the team, has an ambition that renewable energy must be used at the plant in Kalundborg.

Kalundborg Varmeforsyning has entered the partnership with Dong to explore the possibility of providing green district heating at competitive prices, amongst other things.

All the partners will start analyzing the possibilities of the plant until December 2012 and if realized they plants will be constructed over a number of years to produce district heating from green gas, partially by 2016 and fully by 2020.