Dominovas Energy Corporation is entering the hydropower generation market with the launch of Currentergy – its new hydroelectric division.

In a statement, the energy solutions company said that the new division will seek to harness both large and small-scale opportunities in Africa and Latin America; fostering and expanding exponential economic growth within these frontier markets.

In order to do this, it has developed its proprietary ORCAS (Ocean River Current Access Solutions) system, which is underpinned by its strategic partner Andritz Hydro. The ORCAS system has been designed to enable both on- and off-grid clean energy and micro-grid flexibility for the generation of electricity from river and ocean-based power generating systems.

"As an active member of President Obama’s Power Africa Initiative, we continue to enthusiastically support the electrification of Africa and realize that the abundant supply of underutilized natural resources can be responsibly harnessed to create clean sources of electricity. I agree with Andritz that hydropower is the most economical and least environmentally impactful form of renewable energy available," commented Leeshan Ramasamy, who has been named at Currentergy’s Managing Director. "The ORCAS hydro system can empower local communities with micro grid applications, as well as feed utility grids in a green and eco-safe fashion."