The facilities, Indy Solar I, II and III, will supply their output to Indianapolis Power and Light Company under a 15-year purchased power agreement and generate enough electricity to power up to 7,200 homes.

Acquired from Sunrise Energy Ventures in July 2013, two of the facilities are located southeast of Indianapolis in Marion Township, and the third is in the southwest.

The facilities, collectively the project, represents the third solar power facility the company has started operations in 2013.

The other two solar power projects that the company began operations this year include a 7.7MW plant near Augusta, Georgia and a 5MW facility at Somers, Connecticut.

Dominion Generation CEO David Christian said the successful launching of these solar projects marks another important milestone in the company’s continuing development of solar energy.

"Their commercial debut is consistent with our goal of promoting a cost-effective and diversified mix of conventional, nuclear, wind and solar energy resources," added Christian.