The electricity produced from these solar plants will be enough to meet energy needs of about 100,000 US households.

Dominion Solar says that the plants are being built at little or no cost to most consumers with the construction costs being borne by specific contractual customers such as large businesses and government.

Large businesses and government customers including the Virginia state and the University of Virginia, have signed long-term contracts with Dominion.

Apart from building utility-scale solar plants, Dominion, under its Solar Partnership Program has placed solar panels on leased rooftops and grounds of government and business properties throughout its service area in the state.

Ten of these facilities have been installed at sites including Canon in Gloucester, Old Dominion University in Norfolk and Capital One in Chester.

According to the Virginia-based solar company, in 2015, it had pledged to develop 400MW of large-scale solar generation facilities in the state and put them in service by 2020.

Dominion Energy Power Generation CEO Paul Koonce said: "Our company has made a major commitment to develop significant blocks of solar generation to meet customers' energy needs going forward.

"Our goal is to have a balanced generating portfolio that is highly reliable, cost effective and environmentally responsible. The cost of energy powered by the sun is coming down and we are working hard to develop projects in new and economical ways for our customers."

Koonce said: "We are well ahead of schedule on the solar expansion and what we have added so far will have a very minimal impact on the price of electricity for the 2.5 million regulated customers we serve in Virginia."

Image: Dominion Solar invests about $800m in Virginia, US. Photo: Courtesy of Dominion Solar.