The assessment finds the proposed natural gas export project can be built and operated safely with no significant impact to the environment for existing Cove Point LNG facility.

Dominion Energy president Diane Leopold said that the approval represents a step ahead in a project which has significant economic benefits and helps two allied nations in their efforts to increase their energy security and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

"The Cove Point LNG facility has been in existence for nearly 40 years and this makes the most of existing facilities," Leopold added.

"This project will be built within the existing footprint and fence line of an industrial site. There is no need for additional pipelines, storage tanks or permanent piers, thus limiting its impact and making an environmental assessment appropriate."

The Environmental Assessment verified the potential impacts of the proposed project such which include evaluation of the project’s impact on public safety, air quality, water resources, geology, soils, wildlife and vegetation, threatened and endangered species, land and visual resources, cultural resources, noise, cumulative impacts and reasonable alternatives.

"Based upon the analysis in this EA, we have determined that if DCP constructs and operates the proposed facilities in accordance with its application, supplements, and our mitigation measures below, approval of this Project would not constitute a major federal action significantly affecting the quality of the human environment," the FERC report said.