EDF has issued a contact notice for studies to determine the environmental impact of mining at the Rosario Dominicana owned Pueblo Viejo mine on the watersheds feeding the river Margajita, the river Maguaca and the Hatillo dam. Deadline for submission of bids is 24 July 2006.

Work will include assessing the contamination, describing real and potential effects on flora and fauna, possible remediation measures and the regular checks required.

Applications must be submitted using the standard application form (available from the following web address: http://europa.eu.int/comm/europeaid/index_en.htm). The instructions given in this form and its format must be strictly adhered to.

Additional documentation (brochure, letter, etc.) enclosed with the application will not be considered.

Applications must be sent to the contracting authority using 1 of the following methods:

• Registered post (official postal service) addressed to: Ordenador Nacional para los Fondos Europeos de Desarrollo (ONFED), Oficinas Gubernamentales, Sección A, Avda. Méjico esq. Dr. Delgado, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic,

• Delivery by hand (including courier service) straight to the contracting authority, in return for a signed and dated acknowledgement of receipt, at the address above.

The envelope containing the application must be clearly marked with the contract title and the publication reference (EuropeAid/123359/D/SER/DO). These must also be quoted in all correspondence with the contracting authority. Tenders submitted in any other way will not be considered.