A contract notice has been issued for studies on the reinforcement of a dam in the Dominican Republic. Work involves conducting a dam stability study and construction design regarding possible ways of reinforcing/improving the dam to guarantee its stability.

Work will also include studies on stabilising, encapsulating or draining tailings and construction design of the option chosen, together with risk analysis and dam break analysis.

Deadline for receipt of tenders is 22 June 2006. Document number: 106516-2006.

Applications must be submitted using the standard application form available from http://europa.eu.int/comm/europeaid/index_es.htm. Applications should be sent to the contracting authority using one of the following methods: Registered post addressed to Ordenador Nacional para los Fondos Europeos de Desarrollo, Oficinas Gubernamentales, Seccion A, Avda. Mejico esq Dr Delgado, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; or delivery by hand (including courier service) straight to the contracting authortity, in return for a signed and dated acknowledgement of receipt to the above address.