The company intends to support the rapid expansion of production by enhancing the current geological data that is expected to bring additional financing.

Dolat Ventures president Dovid Hauck said the company has the required local support, knowledge and contacts to continue to implement its production strategy for the Baimbawai Pool on the Sewa River.

”I have seen first-hand the high quality gemstone diamonds that have already been extracted from the mining concessions and the potential gold surrounding the DOLV claims for future mining activities in the region," Hauck added.

The company said it also intends to implement and maintain effective local operations to help ensure a steady production stream of diamonds and potential gold, in addition to creating local employment opportunities in Sierra Leone.

Located in the Sewa River, Dolat Ventures through its wholly owned subsidiary, Dove Diamonds & Mining, aims to sell, market, cut and distribute its diamonds and gems worldwide.