The company said the services are designed to address the needs generated by actions such as the 3 September preliminary ruling by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), which set a January 2014 deadline for investor owned utilities in the state to submit plans outlining their energy storage resources.

The service will give each utility expert engineering advice, analytic toolkits to specific utility grids and a recommended energy storage portfolio.

It will also give a feasible plan for scaled deployment to maximize return on investment, and a multi-year roadmap to adoption and compliance to potential initiatives.

DNV KEMA vice president of distributed energy resources Richard Fioravanti said the new services are a timely development to meet the fast-developing needs for energy storage estimation and management.

Fioravanti said, "The service tells utilities what they need to know. It shows if, when, where, how large, and how to reach a payback point on energy storage investment. The simulation capabilities allow a utility to quickly run hundreds of scenarios in order to determine the optimum approach."