Norway-based certification body DNV has issued a statement of feasibility for Alstom’s Oceade 18 tidal stream turbine.

DNV said it is supporting the company through the process of achieving prototype certification of its new tidal turbine Oceade 18 – 1.4 MW.

Issuance of the latest statement serves as the initial stage towards full certification for the device.

Alstom is set to supply four tidal turbines to a tidal stream array in the Raz Blanchard, France.

DNV is using the DNV-OSS-312 to certify the turbine. The first stage, which is in the process, involves a full risk assessment of the device.

Prior to proceeding with the fabrication stage, the company will work with Alstom to review and approve design documents.

The fabrication stage includes manufacturing quality and equipment testing in addition to surveillance of the installation and commissioning.

Upon closing of the actions that were agreed during the statement of feasibility stage, final prototype certification of the turbine will follow.

Alstom Ocean Energy vice-president Rob Stevenson said: "The Statement of Feasibility is the first milestone in delivering a high-performing safe & reliable tidal turbine for our customers.

"We look forward to continuing our journey with DNV GL to gain full Certification for the Oceade 18 – 1.4MW."

DNV business development director Claudio Bittencourt said: "Issuing the DNV GL Statement of Feasibility is an important step demonstrating that Alstom is taking a responsible approach to managing risk and putting in place the foundation for a successful project."