Dayton International Tire Recycling LLC (DITR) intends to open a tire recycling facility in Troy, Ohio. The company expects to have the facility operational by the end of the second quarter of 2009. The company is aiming at tires from trucks, a segment of tires not typically handled by many tire shredding operations.

Jerry Mercer, chief executive officer (CEO) of DITR, says that currently there is no company in the state that is going after truck tires as a raw material.

The innovative process that DITR uses not only brings added employment, but also fills a critical need in the Miami Valley region to efficiently recycle used tires, says Miami county commissioner Ron Widener. Currently, tires that are collected at the Miami County Transfer Station are shipped by truck to Columbus or farther for recycling. Having DITR close to the source of used tires will lead to significant savings in time and fuel for everyone involved.

End markets for the granulated rubber produced from the used tires can be used in construction, landscaping, playgrounds, sports fields, automotive materials and asphalt roads. The scrap steel from the tire will be traded locally to metal recycling plants.

By developing synergy with everyone from the government agencies to the kids playing on the synthetic turf fields, our success as a region is ensured, says Jerry Mercer, CEO of DITR. With assistance of forward thinking companies coupled with better legislation and enforcement programs, companies like ours utilizing the latest technologies provide answers to the disposal problem by turning it back to the community with beneficial products and job creation.