The environmental goals also include inform, empower and activate positive action for the environment.

The goals are part of the company’s 2008 corporate responsibility report, which details the company’s approach to critical corporate responsibility issues ranging from charitable giving to nutrition and from online safety for kids to workplace diversity.

Disney’s enhanced corporate responsibility efforts make our brands and products more attractive, strengthen our bonds with consumers, make the company a more desirable place to work and build goodwill in the communities we operate, said Disney president and CEO Robert A. Iger. All of this contributes to shareholder value.

The new goals and targets were formulated over the last two years by the company’s environmental council of senior executives. Charged with developing and implementing sustainable strategies for Disney’s impact on the environment, as well as ways to use the company’s media reach to encourage positive action, the council has taken a measured, scientific approach in analyzing company operations and crafting strategic objectives.

While Disney has always been a leader in environmental stewardship, we are taking ambitious steps to help preserve our planet for future generations, said Disney Senior Executive Vice President and CFO Thomas O. Staggs.

We applaud Disney for its leadership in adopting these goals, especially at such a challenging time in the global economy, said Peter Seligmann, chairman and CEO of Conservation International. Disney’s vision underscores the continued interest in the environment among people worldwide and the growing recognition that environmental leadership can help revitalize the economy.

Conservation International provided advice to Disney on its new goals and targets.

The 2008 Corporate Responsibility report is organized as follows:

Children and Family – guiding principles, kids’ health and nutrition, creative practices, programming philosophies and marketing policies;

Content and Products – standards and practices, content diversity, product safety policies and parks accessibility and safety;

Environment – environmental initiatives, progress and long-term goals;

Community – charitable giving, VoluntEAR and community outreach updates;

Workplaces – employee diversity, benefits and international labor standards.