The company will target two select high-priority anomalous gold targets for the next round of exploration, namely Target Zone #1 and Target Zone #5.

Targets for the next exploration schedule were chosen on the basis of earlier results and Target Zone #5 is in close proximity to a geological feature believed to be an extension of the current open-pit gold mine operated by Golden Star Resources.

With the receipt of the anticipated funding and the completion of an exploration services agreement, the company expects to begin the first phase of the pre-drilling exploration program in October-December 2012.

Discovery president Gold Steve Flechner said that progress of the Edum Banso Gold Project in Ghana is the company’s top-priority.

"To date, exploration results have outlined several promising high-priority target areas that warrant detailed follow-up exploration and potentially drilling, especially in light of the continued mining and exploration success of Golden Star Resources across the property border just 1 km to the southeast," he added.