Direct Energy, an energy retailer, is partnering with NRG Energy, a power generation company, to deliver home and remote charging capabilities to electric vehicle (EV) consumers across Houston, through NRG’s eVgo network with a broader Texas and US rollout set to follow.

NRG’s eVgo fueling package is designed to provide electric vehicle charging to consumers to help foster consumer adoption of electric vehicles based on the creation of an ecosystem of partners to deliver flexibility and ease.

Direct Energy is expected to leverage its position as a retail energy provider to residential customers, to support the NRG ecosystem in Houston, the home of its US headquarters, and beyond Texas where the company holds more than 6 million home and business customer relationships.

Though the eVgo network of rapid charging stations, the first of which are expected to be installed in February 2011, Houston’s EV drivers will always have a charging station within access along major thoroughfares within 25 miles or more of city center.

Direct Energy Residential president Steven Murray said that as EVs become more popular with consumers looking to reduce their environmental impact and promote US energy independence, the industry needs to create thoughtful solutions for EV customers.