Greek national gas transmission system operator Desfa has sought tenders from international firms to bid for the construction of a third liquefied natural gas storage tank worth $150m at its Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) terminal at Revithoussa.

The terminal on the island of Revythousa, is located 500m from the shore of Agia Triada in the Pachi Gulf of Megara, 45km west of Athens.

Forming part of the second upgrade phase of the terminal, the tank will be designed to handle 95,000 cubic meters capacity and would increase the terminal’s total LNG storage to 225,000 cubic meters, according to Bloomberg.

Desfa plans to increase the gasification capacity to 1,400 cubic meters LNG from the current 1,000 cubic meters LNG.

Currently, the LNG is stored in two tanks with total capacity 130,000 cubic meters and is regasified in the gasification installations of the terminal, supplying the National Natural Gas Transmission System.

DESFA has already completed the feasibility study for the construction of the third LNG storage tank and the increase in the gasification capacity.