Work will include rehabilitating the two 60 foot (18.29m) by 30 foot (9.14m) gates at the floodgate structure of the Delta cross channel, located in Walnut Grove, part of southern Sacramento county in the Sacramento-San Joaquin river delta. Work is likely to begin in early August 2006.

The Delta cross channel canal is a controlled diversion channel between the Sacramento river and the Mokelumne river. Water is diverted from the Sacramento river through the canal at a maximum flow of 3500 cubic feet per second (99.05m3/sec).

Fresh water drawn from the Sacramento river to the Mokelumne river combats salt water intrusion in the Delta and dilutes local pollution. It then flows through natural channels for about 80.45m to the vicinity of the Tracy pumping plant, where it is pumped into the Delta-Mendota canal to irrigate agricultural lands on the Central Valley’s west side.